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Jesus Shoes - WHAT?

I think I am getting real conservative in my old age or more discerning and leaning into the Father and His heart.

We are in a time that calls us as followers to be discerning and not leave a tiny crack open for the devil to slither in. We can not be complacent in battle. We are not to worship the ways of the world. We are to store up treasures in heaven.

Do you think God cares that there is a drop of the Jordan River in the sole of a shoe?

No - he is more interested when a drop of the Jordan River permeates a person's SOUL, and they reflect His Son from that day forward. A drop of Jordan River water means nothing unless the person wearing the shoes tells someone about their experience at the river and then testifies to his faith in Christ. The commemoration of that day should be pondered and placed in their hearts and soul, not in the sole of a shoe.

On the other hand, I think about when I wear my #SOTM, #GetUsedToDifferent #BingeJesus, #TheChosen gear.

How is this different from wearing a Jesus shoe?

Here's the difference - I am asked about it, or another person loves the message of The Chosen and points out our connection, and testimonies ensue. Even in this, we must be cautious how we get involved with our "Fan-dom" with The Chosen. It has to remain a tool to bring people to the Father. If it is anything else, it becomes one of the ways of the world and not of The Kingdom.

As for the Jesus Shoe -

Most people are not looking at the shoes we are walking in; they are more interested in how we reflect His Son in our walk.

In both cases, caution and remaining in the Father is required.

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