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Celebrating Squirrels

As much as my squirrels drive me crazy and we can be at war around my bird feeders, I find them humorous, innovative, and intelligent. Who else can hang upside down from a thin hook or branch, shoveling as many hot pepper sunflowers seeds in their mouth as possible - for a squirrel - while the feeder twirls round-and-round?

I do believe we love testing each other's craftiness and patience when it comes to my bird feeders and the bird food.

I have had one reprieve lately with my new feeder. The original hook it was on was close enough to the deck rail that the squirrels could precariously lean over and grab the squirrel resistant bar and scoop out birdseed. We went and got another hook and longer pole that leans farther out and away from the rail. I have enjoyed watching each squirrel come to the rail and contemplate how they could possibly get at the feeder.


One robust squirrel warrior sitting on the deck rail contemplating the set up turned to me as I was chuckling in the window and angrily chattered at me. Holding his little paws in front of him, he stood upright and chastised me for keeping him from the treasure.

"Curses-foiled again! Just you wait, Lady, I'll be back!"

An hour later, I found the same squirrel at my front feeders, hanging upside down, from a branch shoving fists full of seeds in his mouth. I could almost hear him chuckling to himself as he twirled and ate at the front feeder.

"Nana-Nana-bo-bo! You couldn't stop me!"

So, for today I will call a truce on my squirrels and appreciate their devilish but cute antics. I appreciate you, my darlings, but tomorrow it is war!!

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