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God's Stormriders

Storm aftermath
After a recent Nebraska storm

Have you ever felt like you were on the bottom of a cosmic dog pile? Like storm after storm is rolling over you, crashing like waves of eternal tempest?


This spring, the metaphor became a reality as tornadic storms and flooding swept the United States. For some, life’s litany of personal squalls and trials was interrupted by Mother Nature’s uncontrollable game changer - the devastation left in the aftermath of tornadoes and flooding. If life seemed terrible, some discovered how much worse it could be.


As I assist with their disaster relief, I realize I’ve become so conditioned by the daily pattern of controlling personal storms and trials that I’ve developed an instinctive reflex. These may work until a harbinger of new reality thwarts them. It’s only natural to respond the way I’m conditioned to, and, unfortunately, usually, it’s only after the point where I break that the possibility of an alternative appears. I finally cry, “Uncle,” at the bottom of the cosmic dig pile.


Volunteers and Storm Aftermath

The Ultimate StormRider

If you have an introduction to Jesus, this cry of “uncle” finally severs the old instincts of your control and introduces a power far greater than you could ever muster. It’s the power of faith –– a force that conquers and transforms even the most daunting trials, instilling a profound sense of hope and empowerment in you.

Storm map
Storm Map

The path to building a relationship with Jesus starts with seeking. This seeking comes through prayer, searching God’s word, and fellowship with the Lord through fellow storm-riders. Time spent in these activities builds trust and provides a comforting sense of community, making the storms of life feel less isolating and more bearable.


For me, visions of Peter walking on water, Jesus asleep in the boat, and poetry from Psalms come to mind. I’ve been introduced to a miraculous, unexplainable historical man who was entirely man and God. Jesus lived, died, and returned to life to help me through storms. It all sounds fantastical, but it takes unbelievable when I’m at the bottom of a cosmic dog pile. Even if the waves are crashing too hard for anything but a deep-heart plea, Jesus hears it. When storms are past understanding, there is a way to have peace beyond understanding.

“God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore, we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea.” When disaster looms, we must lean on God and draw strength from His enduring love and unwavering presence.” Psalms 46: 1-2 NIV

Bonnie Long Profile picture
Bonnie Long

In Jimmy Buffet’s song “There’s a Cowboy in the Jungle,” the lyrics continue to say, “and he looks so out of place.” This song credits the Cowboy’s intuition, but Bonnie Long’s rendition credits GOD’s. Who else would take a ranch-raised gal from the Colorado Rockies and put her in foreign lands like Kenya, New Zealand, Israel, and New York City and give her a heart to make a story of it? Bonnie resides in Nebraska. She is dedicated to her work and her friends’ organization, which help those who have lost everything after storm disasters. Bonnie is an avid fan and background extra for the award-winning, crowdfunded television show The Chosen. 

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