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Moment of Morning

Moment of Morning

Morning breaks with the sun's first peek over the dunes crest.

I send My messenger to sprinkle golden blessings on the dawn,

the ocean waves reach for the hope of the day-

‘Rejoice in the Lord,’

Retreating saying - ‘for He is good!!’

Come, abide with Me,

and drink in this moment of morning.

No need to chase it.

I set it in place at the beginning,

promising its rise and fall,

pulling the ocean in and out.

Listen, now to my whispers and lean into my creation.

Allow the essence of the salty breeze kiss your lips and wrap you in My omnipresent love,

Know that I AM the beginning and the end.

I AM here.

Cherish this moment of morning with Me.

Amy L Harden January 26, 2021©

Photo Credit - Cherie

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Teresa Moyer
Teresa Moyer
Jan 28, 2021

Loved it!


Jan 27, 2021


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